Hilton + Danny

Joshua Tree National Park

Hilton and Danny have a strong connection with Joshua Tree. In the film, you can see a polaroid of them from a prior visit stuck in the frame of a poster in room 8 of the Joshua Tree Inn where Danny got ready. The legend of Gram Parsons drew the music-loving couple to Joshua Tree, and as Cap Rock in the national park plays a big part in the Parsons story, that’s where they decided to get hitched.

Based in Atlanta, GA with their family spread around the south and midwest, it was a journey for all of their loved ones and friends who came out to celebrate with them. Hilton’s dad sums it up well in the first few moments of the film! The reception was held at the Joshua Tree Saloon — another local institution — which has a great private space out back for smaller weddings.

We shot a roll of Super 8 film for Hilton and Danny as the fun retro vibe really fit them and their connection to the history and legends of the area. This cut in with the video footage we shot for one of our first hybrid film/videos.