Kadyn + Daniel

See Fruit Ranch, San Luis Obispo

When we met Kadyn and Daniel, it was clear how important their story was to them, a story centered on meeting and falling in love, but rooted in family and in faith. We wanted to include Kadyn and Daniel’s parents and grandparents talking about them both as kids, as a way to share their histories with each new side of the family. Kadyn created a beautiful photobook, and the day before the wedding, both sides of the family sat down together, talking and reminiscing.

Kadyn grew up near the Central Coast, so Kadyn and Daniel chose See Fruit Ranch in San Luis Obispo as their venue as it is close to home and their friends had gotten married there a few years ago and they loved the venue. They got ready in the small seaside town of Avila Beach which was also intentional, as it is a spot Kadyn’s family had come to many times on vacation and the place where Daniel first told her that he was in love with her.

Kadyn told us that her dad had been filming their family since they were little kids and she shared some of the footage with us — shots of her, her mum and dad, her sister, and even the maid of honor as a toddler — which was a way to blend even more of the family history into the film.