Anna + Travis

Salvation Mountain, California

Anna and Travis met briefly in 8th grade before reconnecting years later, tied together with a love of the golden era of disco: the 70s. They even played together in a 70s band for a while. Anna and Travis are such a fun couple and so sweet together. They traveled out from their home near Dallas, Texas, to elope in California before driving up HWY 1 for their honeymoon for the classic road trip experience.

We knew that we had to incorporate Anna and Travis’ love of disco in the film, and we were excited to find that we could license the song “Good Times” by Chic for their film. Inspired by the film “Saturday Night Fever”, the beginning of the film is heavy on retro Americana with a distinct disco vibe. We wanted the whole film to feel like a road trip so we licensed songs by Fleetwood Mac, The Ramones and The Doobie Brothers to complete the line-up, as well as shooting on super 8 film to really amp up the retro feel.

Anna has a strong presence on Instagram and we’d seen her pose with a disco ball a few times in her shots. One online order later and we were the proud owners of a 12″ disco ball which, along with the ’66 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, became another element in the film that spoke to the unique vision of this fun-loving couple.