Bree + Brock

La Jolla, San Diego

Every wedding film is about more than just the couple getting married — it’s about two families coming together. Never was this more true than for Bree and Brock. When we were getting to know them ahead of the wedding, it became clear that their families were everything for them, and they wanted this to be a big part of the film.

The film opens with Bree reading a poem written by Carly, Brock’s sister who passed away in her teenage years. This poem had a great deal of meaning for both Bree and Brock and it proved to be the perfect way to open the film. We also interviewed their three grandmas earlier in the day to get their views on marriage, which we were able to drop in through out the film.

Brock and his groomsmen decided to go surfing early on the morning of the wedding, and we knew this was something we couldn’t miss for the film. Brock took out his new vintage board that Bree gifted him for their wedding. Not satisfied with just surfing, the guys also rode — at high speed with the occasional trick thrown in — electric scooters from their Airbnb to the venue.

Bree and Brock hired Laura of Perfectly Poised Events to plan and design their wedding at Darlington House in La Jolla, San Diego. Bree is a lifestyle blogger and owns a fashion company so we knew it was going to be a stylish affair. Bree and Laura created an awesome vision for the wedding, with Bree’s favorite mustard color popping up everywhere!