Lauren + Greg

Avalon Hotel, Palm Springs

Palm Springs is such a great spot for all the friends and family to come for a weekend and relax. Lauren and Greg’s wedding weekend started with a pool party at the Avalon followed by a welcome dinner at the Rowan. We took Lauren and Greg out for a mini-adventure session in between the pool party and welcome dinner to shoot some beautiful romantic footage with them before going up to the rooftop bar at the Rowan to grab a few shots there.

We’ve seen many first dances, but never have we seen such a tightly choreographed and perfectly executed first dance as that of Lauren and Greg. We had them practice a few times in different spots so we had plenty of footage to cut together for a truly epic first dance sequence!

Lauren and Greg are such a sweet couple and their vows were so heartfelt and delivered with such feeling. We wanted the film to show all the aspects from their weekend — the love, the fun and the celebration with their friends and family. The Avalon is such a great spot for this type of weekend-long celebration as it feels private yet is right in the heart of Palm Springs.