How to Keep Your Wedding Video Safe

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We use Vimeo to host all the wedding films we shoot so that you can easily share your film with your friends and family. We also send out a link so that you can download file it directly to your computer. Here’s some steps you can take to make sure your wedding video stays safe.

1. Save a copy to your computer

When your wedding film is finished, we will send you a link so that you can download the film. You can also pass this link on to anyone else who would like to own a copy of the film — parents, grandparents, etc.

2. Back-up your computer

This is something you should already be doing. You can back it up on an external hard drive, or in the cloud with a service like Backblaze.

3. Save a copy in the cloud

You can save your film in the cloud through a service like Dropbox, Google drive, or any of the other cloud-based solutions that are out there. The advantage of saving things in the cloud is that if something were to happen to your home like theft or fire, your files would be safe. However, most cloud services have a monthly or yearly fee, so if you forget to pay it, you may lose your files.

4. Save a copy off-site

Copy your film (and any other important files) onto a hard drive, flash drive, or DVD and store that copy somewhere other than your own home. Examples of this could be a safe-deposit box, a parent’s home, etc.

These steps don’t just apply to your wedding film — you should do the same thing with the photos from your wedding, and any other photos, videos or documents that are important to you.

Backups are one of those things almost everyone knows they need to do, and yet so few of us get around to backing up our digital files properly. However, it doesn’t need to take long and it can mean the difference between losing precious memories or preserving them for the future.

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