Lisa & Jacques’ Chic Rimrock Ranch Wedding Featured on 100 Layer Cake

We were excited to see that 100 Layer Cake featured this wedding! It’s one of our favorite weddings, shot at one of our favorite venues — Rimrock Ranch in Pioneertown. Jacques is a designer and Lisa is a stylist and they put together a stunning wedding day alongside their planner, Jaime from Wild Heart Events.

One of our favorite parts of the day to film was just after the wedding — Lisa and Jacques jumped in a vintage bronco that they had rented, and headed off to shoot some romantic shots in the late afternoon sunlight.

Here’s what Lisa had to say about planning this perfect day: “Jacques and I are both creative minded people, but it’s safe to say we have opposing perspectives at times. Jacques prefers minimalistic and sophisticated styling. The less is more philosophy rings true to him. I, however, tend to have less specific taste. The opposite in fact. I love everything! Thinking of my happiness, Jacques gave me complete creative control, so I followed my heart and referred to him when I had trouble making a choice. With his help, we reigned in my eclectic inspiration and work with our planner to create something a little boho, a little rustic, a little sophisticated and a lot of fun! My color/style requests were neutral with pops of color, mixed metals and fun, which our team nailed with desert sunset hues, mixed metal table settings and iridescent glassware. Jacques is a car guy through and through, and going for drives is something we often do, so it was very important to us to secure a cool car for the day. As luck would have it, a Rimrock neighbor had a great Ford Bronco that was true to the desert and car we both love.”

Check out the feature on the 100 Layer Cake site to read all about the wedding and see the full list of vendors that put together this amazing day.

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