Trish Jones — Joshua Tree Wedding Coordinator

This week we met another high desert local who works on weddings, Trish Jones. She is an event planner and designer at The Walk Down The Aisle along with her business partner Stacey Jones.

We felt an immediate connection to Trish’s big smile and calm presence. She has encyclopedic knowledge of the ins-and-outs of Joshua Tree and Palm Springs venues and vendors, making her a great resource for couples planning weddings in the area.

As filmmakers we have personally seen what a difference a wedding planner can make. The weddings we have worked on which had planners went much more smoothly, and with someone taking care of the timing and logistics, the couple and their family were able to just enjoy their special day.

As Trish says, the internet can provide all the tools you need, but it’s overwhelming to plan a wedding — especially a destination wedding — by yourself. She creates a partnership with brides and often provides something that is in-between full coordination and just “day of” coordination.

“I’ve got your back. I’m not controlling it all — it’s a friendship. The bride and I are working together, delegating to each other, and I’m there to make sure they are making good choices. A couple once told me I was their wedding spirit guide!”

We asked Trish what her favorite wedding moments were.

“When the bride and groom come back from taking their pictures, I create a space for them to be alone, with champagne and appetizers so they can have 15 or 20 minutes to just be together. Another favorite moment is when all the guests are seated and the wedding party is lined up, I have the bride and her dad out of sight with a glass of champagne or beer —whatever’s appropriate. That is a really special moment, I get goosebumps thinking about it.”

To Trish, the most important strength a planner/designer must possess is the love of discovering her clients’ styles, personal aesthetics and vision dreams.

“I want to help tell your love story, by bringing in personal details, specific to of each of you. I don’t want any wedding to look the same. I want this to be your story — through your quirks and things unique to you, small nods to your personalities which your family and friends notice and smile over.”

You can learn more about The Walk Down The Aisle and the different services they offer on their website. Trish’s knowledge of the Joshua Tree region is invaluable to anyone planning a wedding out here.

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